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Hi I’m Colin

Your Mr Wolf, MacGyver, or Fantastic Mr. Fox of digital business. I’m your organising, support and workflow creative.

For people that have a life and want a business and people that have a business and want a life. 

Let me take care of the digital backstage of your business so you can focus on what you do best.

I help you think

I help you plan

I help you decide

I help you work it out

I help you to get things done

And what you can’t or won’t do (anymore), I can do.


So what can i help you with?

I am a native speaker of English and Dutch so anything you want done can be done in both languages. Below an overview to give you an idea what you could delegate to me. But don’t hesitate to contact me for questions.

Words, words, words. Shakespeare, Hamlet

Words, words, words. Shakespeare, Hamlet


Translating English to Dutch and vice versa: An English website for a global market? An English menu for your restaurant? English Instagram posts? Your workshop handouts in two languages? Your keynote ready for all those ex-pats? Your speech ready for the international visitors? Subtitles in your videos?

Writing English or Dutch texts: rewriting, redaction, ghost blogging all of the above. Let me check or doublecheck your texts or leave them all to me.

Making your website multilingual: I take care of the technical side and the SEO



Video, Audio, photo’s

Edit video’s: Add leaders, subtitles, music and more.

Audio edit and syncing: Need music put together or separated? Want your music set up for a presentation? Getting your podcasts online? Need a tune to support your message?

Enhance photo’s: Getting ready for social media? The pictures on your website slowing it down? Tweek photo’s for on your webshop or travel blog? Find appropriate images for your presentation?

Let’s lay it down. Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights

Let’s lay it down. Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights


Connecting the dots. Steve Jobs

Connecting the dots. Steve Jobs

websites and Marketing

Make/Maintain websites: I can build or do the upkeep for your Wordpress or Squarespace website or webshop, add features and plug-ins and make it all work.

SEO: Me doing all I can to get you on that first page of Google search! Google analytics, Adwords, connections with Social Media and blogs.

Mailing list management: Newsletters - Emailing campaigns

Strategies and tactics: Set up all of the above to increase users, conversion and customer satisfaction.


It’s one small step for mankind…. Neil Armstrong on the moon

It’s one small step for mankind…. Neil Armstrong on the moon

Event support

Not so virtual, only when I’m in town

Planning, support, and execution for events, workshops, keynotes, vernissages, launches, openings, presentations.

You book me to organise the practical side of your event so you can keep your head clear for presenting and networking. From tickets to chairs to coffee to technical matters. Or to check if you are on the right path and well prepared. Check check doublecheck..



Who am I

A little bit about me and what I did before I became a Virtual Assistant.

A long long time ago I studied to be a theatre technician. I toured half the world with beautiful intimate performances that needed subtle care, or built huge events in which I was just one cog in the machine. From New Zealand to Surinam, St Petersburgh to Sevilla. In between I did strange things like take people diving on the Great Barrier Reef and run a backpackers in Capetown. I even took an odd collection of vehicles all the way to Uganda through former Yugoslavia and the Sudan. Later I worked myself up to produce main events in hard to reach places and festivals in complicated inner cities with performers from all over the world. I love dealing with the necessary details and keeping the bigger picture in mind.

All the while claiming ‘Bad Hair Day’ as my middle name.

And in a few more words; theatretechnicians are masters of improv and adaptability. There is no, oh well, we’ll make it work the next time. Nope, doors open at 20.00. Dealing with deadlines is our forte.

On the tech side I loved digging into the manual of a light desk and finding out what it could do to create what I wanted on stage. Which is what I do now with other computers. On the presentation side I wanted to support the story that’s enacted and make sure the performance or festival had the right feel so people remembered their visit. Which is what I do now when I finish visuals and texts.

A theatre technician or eventproducer is a project manager, logistics manager, bookkeeper, HR manager, planner, electrician, amateur meteorologist, Mr Fixet and psychologist in one.

Keeping up the illusion in theatre means everything has to work exactly as planned, timing is key and even though I am the technician, the people side is a big part of it. During and at the end of the day you check your colleagues and personnel to see if they’re on schedule, check if anything has room for improvement and how they’re doing themselves. Because sometimes the days are long and stressful. Everything has to be done in a tight schedule and a coordinated way. Sometimes it has to go on a plane or in a container in stead of the van or the trailer, which brings all sorts of international paperwork. And you’re always checking what might be different in the next venue, the height or depth, the hook-ups for power or water, the travel time to get there or the starting time. And sometimes you just need to check the weather.

So I know how to dream and keep a place together. Be it working up to the big event, planning, making schedules, keeping the books, keeping stuff working or engaging the audience.

So why did I become a Virtual Assistant? Well the short version is that I needed another challenge. I woke up one morning without the necessary drive. I was done in that area. I thrive on a challenge and not that there weren’t any more to be had in that field but I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. The more you start doing bigger things the further you end up from the place where the little things matter. I’m a maker and I like the details as much as the big picture. So I switched to supporting entrepreneurs. I now get my kicks making sure websites look just right. Connecting all the dots of texts, links, blogs and social media to make the SEO work. Writing appealing texts for any medium and finishing touches on email campaigns.

A theatrepiece or a festival is not much different from a business. A theatre group or festival wants to attract an audience, present something that will make people go wow and make them come back.

So do you and your business.

I am a people person. And I am service driven. I add my talent to someone else’s struggle or dreams. I take my part in the dream and make it work. There is nothing that pleases me more than adding to someone else’s life.

Combining my interests in design & presentation, my technical, I read the manual, side and my positive never say no attitude have made me into a tech savvy human entrepreneur.

I now support entrepreneurs to build, consolidate and expand their online presence.


I’m one of the most positive & enthousiastic persons you might ever meet.

I got your back.

We are in this together



Working tarif: 45,- euro an hour. I keep track of what I do.

R&D tarif: 40,- euro an hour

Now I know what I am doing, and I keep up with the latest but nothing changes faster than apps and software, and there’s more templates out there than you can throw a stick at. So sometimes I have to put on my Sherlock Holmes cap and go and explore. This is where the R&D tarif comes in.


Contact me

The best way to contact me is by sending me an email.


the Office could be anywhere on planet earth today.

But homebase is Amsterdam